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These really are great for winter-bound hens here in the North! Great price, arrived in perfect condition!


Rochester, NY

The chickens love this swing and it's a delight to see them swinging on it. Very cool.


United Kingdom

My chickens love it. I placed it in there brooder when just weee chicks, as adults now they still hop on it and swing. They love it.


The chickens love them (I purchased a second one). The neighbors come over just to watch the chickens swing and workout on all the stuff in the run that keeps them entertained.


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I saw this a while ago, and thought, I can make one of those. I did and the birds never touched it. I bought this when I got my latest group of chicks and put in in their brooder from the start. They loved it then and now its in the main run where they swing away on it constantly. It's pretty fun to watch and gives them some enjoyment too.



We were unsure whether our chickens would take to this at first but after a few days of being in situ, our girls were queueing to have their turn on the chicken swing.


United Kingdom

I bought this for my friend with chickens almost as a joke....well the joke was on me...his hens love it and he is thrilled....who knew..????



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