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The Chicken Swing is NOT simply a swinging perch.

This revolutionary design allows chickens to actually swing!

The Crossmember keeps the swing from twisting after a vigorous dismount. Plus, it's fully adjustable!

Rope - Two pieces of 6' UV & weather resistant soft solide braid poly-pro.

Perch - The mailbox shape with corn-like texture allows a variety of fowl to grip and pump the swing. The plastic is rot-free, resists mites, and lightens the perch to avoid injury.

Our Rope Buckle makes set up easy! Just slide the buckle and pull on the rope to adjust the  height and to get the swing level.

The Safety Side Ties protect

your fowl from getting hurt, should playtime get rockin'.

Perch Tongues allow the twist of the perch to apply torque to the rope, giving the chickens that extra swing!

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