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Thank you for taking a look at our new website! To celebrate and to thank our fans, supporters, and fellow chicken-lovers, we are having a huge giveaway! Grand Prize: Gift basket containing The Chicken Swing (Original Boxed Version!), Love Bug Treats, and a Fowl Play Products mouse pad! We will also be giving away several other prizes including Let's Play Dress Up! Chicken Attire, Fowl Play Book, Vita Chicken Supplement, Fowl Play Products mouse pads, and more! TO ENTER: Share with us a little bit about your favorite chicken(s) or other farm animal/pet on THIS blog post in the comments section! For a BONUS ENTRY, select "Also post on facebook" when you are commenting! We will put the names o

Children Love Raising Chickens! Build Your Kid Friendly Flock

Raising chickens is exciting. Children and chickens go together. In fact, both start with the same letters — “chi.” Hmmm, that isn’t just a coincidence! Behavioral science has proved that raising children with companion animals fosters empathy, critical thinking and a lifelong ability to act with compassion and thoughtfulness. Animals also instill a strong sense of self-esteem. Kids with critters are happy kids. And….critters help to form and strengthen a child’s immune system. We want our kids to have an enriched experience with these feathered friends. The bond between a chicken and his or her child is nothing short of magical. For those of us who grew up with those chicken friends (and

Raising Free Range Chickens? Train Them to “Come” with Love Bug Treats

We know that happy and healthy chickens have access to free range. Our yards are chicken-scaped with berry bushes, lush (pesticide free) lawns, with nutritious clover and dandelion, and lots of verges plumped up with leaf piles just begging to be rustled. Who doesn’t like the switch switch sound of foraging feet? Raising free range birds is ideal and you get to hang out with your feathered buddies, chooks and chicks — but sometimes we have to bring our flock inside… and they aren’t ready. How do you get the gang to “come when called,” so you’re not stuck standing guard until the chickens come home to roost. Raising free range birds is ideal and you get to hang out with your feathered buddie

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